169,000 Accidents in 2018/19 with footwear playing a big part!

Did you know…

…that in the UK in 2018/19 there was 581,000 recorded non-fatal accidents in the workplace and over 29% of those were due to slips, trips and falls. That equates to nearly 169,000 accidents around slips, trips and falls and we believe that if the right footwear was worn then this statistic would reduce considerably!

Safety footwear plays an extremely large part in keeping your workforce safe and ultimately reduces the amount of sick leave taken by your employees due to accidents in the workplace.

We at Rokwear have been manufacturing and developing our range of safety footwear to incorporate the highest level of slip resistance possible on the majority of our footwear styles to try and help reduce this number of accidents over the coming years.

What to look out for?

Ensure that your footwear conforms to SRC slip resistance as a minimum. This means that it incorporates SRA and SRB rating into the one standard ‘SRC’. See below table to help explain this.

If you’re interested in learning more then please get in touch with our Safety Advisors at uksales@rokwear.com

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