Don’t neglect hardworking feet

How to eliminate work-related foot pain

A few years ago, on a comedy programme, comedian Vic Reeves commented to an irritable guest: “You know your problem? Your shoes are just too small!”. Anyone who has ever experienced the nagging agony of foot pain arising from ill-fitting shoes will recognise just how apt the comment was – aching feet are a blight, which has the potential to eradicate good humour, distracting you from concentrating on the job.

The good news is, the large majority of discomfort leading to aching feet is avoidable. Well-fitting footwear, and high-quality design which prioritises comfort goes a long way towards eliminating aching feet at work. Most of us operate in environments which require a significant amount of walking and standing, and compromising on your choice of work shoe can lead to both immediate discomfort, and longer-term issues.

Heels and ankles are designed to absorb the impact of our body weight, when we move. When we choose sub-standard footwear, the potential for aching heel and ankle pain is increased. Often, people may ignore aching feet as a standard downside of the job – but this doesn’t have to be a permanent issue. We’ve all seen people at the end of a long evening slipping off heels on the way home, sighing with relief because the offending items are finally removed. We don’t wear uncomfortable boots or shoes when we’re driving or taking a weekend stroll – so why should we compromise when it comes to the work environment?

How to eliminate foot and ankle pain on the job

The first rule of thumb (or toe, in this instance) for avoiding aching feet is to ensure that the work boots or shoes are a great fit. Our Rokwear range of footwear come with clear guidance for selecting the right size, so you have exactly the right amount of movement and fit to perform on the job. Measuring your feet is simple – wearing socks, pop your foot on a piece of paper, and draw around it. Then, measure the width and length to identify the ideal fit for your needs.

If your role involves a significant degree of walking, running or standing, then gel insoles can work wonders to absorb shock and cushion your feet. Modern gel insoles manufactured with a shock absorbing honeycomb heel and extra cushioning create an additional layer of protection for your feet, enhancing comfort and improving injury protection. Today’s insoles are a far cry from the slipping, bulky products available a few years ago, and a great product will be unnoticeable as you slip it into the sole of your work shoes or boots.

Don’t compromise on your team’s comfort

If a poor choice of work footwear has the ability to cause irritation and discomfort, it stands to reason that a sound choice can boost morale and motivation. Investing in comfortable, durable, well-fitting footwear is a core aspect of great PPE and safety wear, equipping your team with the right products to do a great job each day in their roles. The Rokwear range of safety footwear is stylish, modern and above all, comfortable. We do a range for non-standard sizing, ensuring your team are equipped with the perfect fit. Great value, hardwearing and designed with your team in mind, Rokwear will ensure your staff are protected, comfortable, and safe from the challenges of aching feet!

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