Corporate House
Kings Rd Business Park
Surrey GU27 2QH

T +44 (0) 1428 648162
F +44 (0) 1428 658222



Rokwear branded products are only available to purchase through SMI GROUP, the sole owners and distributors of the brand.

You can request a Rokwear Account by clicking here , completing the form, and sending it to the email address above.

Or click here to be redirected to SMI Group’s corporate website.


The Rokwear team has a culture – a progressive and open-minded way of working that we think makes a real difference to our clients. Business operations are open and collaborative. From design to warehouse and at every stage in between we work in dynamic teams to inspire and challenge each other to be better.

We are proud of the exceptional ability of our team members – people who help make each and every customer interaction outstanding.

We encourage our team members to grow within the company and we provide them with the necessary tools to develop their careers and managerial skill set within the business.

Our policies and programs support our strong employee culture, providing a safe, diverse and rewarding environment.

Most of all our Team at Rokwear are clever – dynamic, knowledgeable product creatives, designers, testing experts and business developers who have a vision of what our clients need and are committed to delivering that vision.

Delivering Composition, Structure, Safety – The Geology of Rokwear